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Tech Workplace Initiatives (TWI) at the Kapor Center operates programming that helps advance diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. We’ve listed a few examples of our work below. Please direct inquiries about our work to

Professional Communities

Our Collective is a group consisting of individuals advancing diversity and inclusion in tech for Black and Latinx talent through employee resource groups. Members communicate over a Google Group and can access resources on the Our Collective website. Learn more here and join here.

Diversity Advocates is a group consisting of diversity, inclusion, and belonging professionals in the tech industry. Members engage with each other on a password-protected platform, which they can also access resources, post jobs, and learn about upcoming events. Learn more here and join here.

Learning Events Series

Navigating the Unwritten Rules at Work: AMA with Jennifer Tardy is a monthly discussion where Black and Latinx talent in tech can ask a professional career coach advice on handling situations at work. Learn more here.

Pathways to Tech is a monthly discussion for Black and Latinx college and bootcamp students that features tech industry professionals who give advice on breaking into tech. Learn more here and join here.


If Not Now, Then When? Stepping Up for Black Women in the Workforce addresses pay disparities that Black women experience and offers strategies for being more inclusive of Black women in the workplace.

Looking to do right by your Black employees? Start by renegotiating the terms of your ERGs for Black talent identifies strategies to help leaders be more supportive of Black talent.

Corporate Responses to Racial Injustice lists recommendations for leaders to examine race-based inequities occurring within their workplace.

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