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Engaging Internal Stakeholders

This section contains resources to help engage internal business stakeholders as you execute ERG plans. You’ll find information about:


How to Make Your Employee Resource Group More Successful
Webpage | Pivot Point | January 2, 2018
Discusses key themes for ERGs that perform at a higher level.

10 actionable ways leaders can prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion
Webpage | Bravely | April 25, 2019
Tips for those seeking to hire, retain, and engage talent from underrepresented backgrounds.

5 Ways to Prioritize Diversity & Inclusion at Work
Webpage | The Way Women Work 
Five tips on prioritizing D&I in the workplace.

Diversity in the Workplace | All You Need to Know in 2024
Webpage | Novoresume |  December 27, 2023
Discusses advantages of diversity in the workplace

Why it’s imperative to prioritize diversity and inclusion with sustainability
Podcast | Green Biz |  April 15, 2019
Interview with Susan McPherson about how Sodexo’s D&I efforts have expanded over the years, and more.

Affectiva CEO: How to Prioritize Diversity and Inclusion
Video | Affectiva | February 21, 2019
Affectiva’s Co-Founder and CEO discuss 3 actionable ways to prioritize diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

12 Ways Your Company Can Prioritize Diversity
Webpage | Forbes Technology Council |  April 30, 2018
Lists steps to help prioritize D&I in the workplace.

Rohini Anand on how leading companies prioritize and implement diversity and inclusion
Video | Green Biz | March 12, 2019
Addresses how to develop a global diversity strategy and more.

A personal journey, and BCG’s prioritization of diversity and inclusion
Video | Boston Consulting Group | Mar 15, 2018
Addresses how one company prioritizes D&I.

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Engaging Programming

ERG Experience Week
Webpage | CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion 
Summary of an action taken under ERG Experience Week.

Making an impact through employee resource groups for diversity and inclusion – THR1151
Video | Microsoft | October 2, 2018
Addresses how communities are making an impact on the business and more.

Equality & Innovation in the Workplace
Webpage | Accenture 
Addresses how culture can foster innovation and success for a company.

What You Can Learn from Your Employee Networks
Webpage | Strategy + Business | January 22, 2019 
Addresses the importance of ERGs and highlights a model for how to measure them.

Aug 2016 Monthly Town Call – Next steps for Employee/Business Resource Groups!
Video | Out & Equal Workplace Advocates | November 11, 2016
Addresses tools, research and future steps toward LGBT workplace equality and engagement.

How ERGs Increase Engagement
Webpage | DiversityInc | February 8, 2011
Lists tips on increasing employee engagement from more than 150 chief diversity officers.

How to Be an “Ally” to an ERG
Webpage |  Jill Wetzler | October 11, 2018
Offers guidance on supporting an ERG as an ally.

Employee Engagement Strategy
Video |  Kevin Kruse | June 16, 2015
Addresses how to measure progress and improve employee engagement strategy.

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ERG Impact on the Business

ERG Evolution to a Business Function | 2019 DiversityInc Top 50 Announcement Event
Video | DiversityInc | July 31, 2019
Discusses rebooting ERGs and how to make them successful.

Enable and Equip ERG Strategic Planning
Webpage | CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion 
Summary of an action taken under ERG Experience Week Questionable value.

Employee Resource Groups: A Strategic Business Resource for Today’s Workplace
Document | Boston College Center for Work and Family
A report on what ERGs are, how to improve them, and what their benefits are.

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Impactful Allyship

Building true allies: Nikki Silvestri at TEDxManhattan
Video | TEDx Talks | March 11, 2014
A presentation on the complexities of building allies through the lens of Nikki Silvestri.

Guide to Allyship
Webpage | @amelielamont
Provides guidance on how to be an ally, why allies are necessary, and how to handle mistakes.

3 Ways to be a better ally in the workplace 
Video | TED Salon | June 2018
Epler shares three ways to support people who are underrepresented in the workplace.

Engaging Men as Allies in Preventing Violence Against Women | Robert Eckstein | TEDxPiscataquaRiver
Video | TEDx Talks | May 25, 2016
Dr. Robert Eckstein shares strategies to engage men in becoming stronger allies.

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Cross-ERG Collaboration

How to Manage for Collective Creativity
Video | TEDx Cambridge | September 2014
Tips for unlocking the creativity hidden inside your daily work.

How to Foster Workplace Belonging Through Successful Employee Resource Groups
Webpage | Forbes | February 11, 2019
Discusses the attributes of an effective ERG program.

Are ERGs Enough for a Robust D&I Culture?
Webpage | Human Resource Executive | October 9, 2018
Explores Deloitte’s approach to D&I.

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