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This section contains resources to support those seeking opportunities for professional growth. You’ll find information about:

Benefits of Leading an ERG

Catalyst Employee Resource Leadership Initiative
Webpage | Catalyst
A group focused on finding best learning practices, strategic planning for ERGs, and more.

8 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Being an ERG Leader
Webpage | Diversity MBA Magazine | February 10, 2014
Details eight tips about leading ERGs.

Leadership: A Primer — National Leadership
Webpage | Medium | September 22, 2018 
Addresses company-wide leadership role in an ERG.

Leadership: A Primer — Local Leadership
Webpage | Medium | September 22, 2018 
Insights on the responsibilities of local leaders in ERGs.

DiversityInc COO Carolynn Johnson Interviews Tanisha Sullivan of Sanofi
Video | DiversityInc | February 21, 2019
Leadership profile interview with Tanisha Sullivan of Sanofi.

Coaching for Leaders
Podcast | Innovate Learning | January 2020
Addresses leadership wisdom through insightful conversations.

ERG PowerTalk 
Podcast | Joseph Santana, LLC | July 2019
Addresses strategies used by top company ERGs, BRGs and councils.

ERG’s: Are You Taking Advantage Of This Powerful Career Advancement Tool?
Webpage | Forbes | August 14, 2016
Tips to promote career advancement.  

Growing ERG Leader Champions

LearnChair Radio Leadership Podcast
Podcast | LearnChair Radio | March 2017 – 2018
Special guests share their expertise on a variety of topics related to leadership and communication.

Why you should use ERG’s/BRG’s to Develop Leadership
Document | I4CP 
Demonstrates data and reasons to utilize ERGs to develop leadership.

Diversity Inc Employee Resource Groups
Webpage | DiversityInc
A series or ERG focused articles curated by DiversityInc.

6 Leadership Training Tips To Find and Cultivate Leaders Internally
Document | Organami | March 14, 2019 
Six tips that will to find and cultivate leaders internally.

Coaching for Leaders – Innovate Learning
Podcast | Innovate Learning | January 2020
Addresses leadership wisdom through insightful conversations.

Wonder Women in STEM
Document | Talent Innovation | 2018
Examines the impact of programs that companies commonly use to engage female employees in STEM.

Viva ERGs
Webpage | Gina Miranda | October 10, 2018
Gina Miranda shares what she’s learned from her community regarding ERGs.

Viva ERGs – Part 2 Allyships
Webpage | Gina Miranda | July 2, 2019
Insights gained from serving as a corporate volunteer for an ERG .

Advocating While Preserving Your Career

Want More Integrity At Your Workplace? Become an Advocate | Rich Sheridan l Freedom at Work Talks
Video | WorldBlu | November 2, 2015
Addresses promoting integrity among employees in the form of advocacy for clients.

The Career Advice You Probably Didn’t Get
TEDxBeaconStreet | November 2013
Career advice from Susan Colantuono.

Returning Strong

Document | Diversity Matters – Mckinsey | February 2015
Strategies for employers to attract, retain and develop women returning to the workforce.

Document | Government Equalities Office | March 2018
Lists best practices for returner programs.

‘Returnships’ Make Rejoining the Workforce a Reality
Webpage | Human Resource Executive | July 3, 2018
Addresses how employers can help individuals re-enter the workforce.

Why You Should Be Offering Returnships to Career-Breakers – and How to Get Started
Webpage | HR Zone | January 31, 2018
Lists the benefits of returnship programs.

A Break, not Broken
Webpage | Inspiring Capital | November 16, 2018
Learn about the state of women and career breaks.

Providing The Right Support For Women Returners
Podcast | Lightbox Coaching 
Addresses the role of employers in making it possible for professional women to lead both successful work and family lives.

Maternity discrimination: five ways line managers make maternity returners want to leave
Webpage | HR Zone | July 17, 2018
Five behaviors which can drastically increase the likelihood of maternity returners either leaving shortly after returning or not coming back at all.

How to Get Back to Work After a Career Break | Carol Fishman Cohen
Video | TED | April 13, 2016
Tells Cohen’s experience as a 40-year-old intern, her work championing the success of “relaunchers” and how employers are changing how they engage with return-to-work talent.

The Rise of the Returner Program
Webpage | ACCA
Addresses what companies can do to deliver what candidates need, and help bring them, and their expertise, back into the workplace.

What Exactly is Flexible Working?
Webpage | ACCA
Addresses flexible working and its benefits.

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