Bridging the Gap

Our Collective is a network of talented professionals focused on building a more diverse and inclusive workforce for Black and LatinX communities. We collaborate to drive impact and effect change at scale for people of color who are underrepresented within their industry.     

Stronger Together

Our Collective is a network of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and diversity advocates who share challenges and opportunities, best practices and strategic collaborations to deliver maximum impact for the broader community.  

Impact Driven

Our Collective partners contribute resources and programmatic opportunities to deliver substantive results that exceed the incremental efforts of our parent companies. Our goal is to integrate more diverse representation in the employee and customer experience of our organizations.

Growth & Evolution

Our Collective strives to bring awareness and visibility to talented professionals who are often underrepresented or undervalued in their work environments. Our partnership aims to equip these communities with additional skills and perspectives that support their upward mobility within their organizations and beyond.


Our Collective’s mission is to create cross-company partnerships, provide resources, and define the strategy to amplify Black and LatinX voices and drive impact towards bringing about true equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.


Our Collective’s vision is to unify Black and LatinX ERGs who will work together to achieve true equality and equity in the workforce.

“As you discover what strength you can draw from your community in this world from which it stands apart, look outward as well as inward. Build bridges instead of walls”

– Justice Sotomayor

Our Story

In January 2017, eBay’s Black employee resource group (ERG), Black Employees at eBay (BEE), and its Diversity and Inclusion team, led a cross-company effort to march in solidarity through the principles of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The idea was to demonstrate the power of collaboration when diverse professionals work together for a common purpose. Within a month, Black ERGs across Silicon Valley shared a programmatic breakfast with diverse professionals and led 16 tech companies, 5 executives and 200 guests to walk in the San Francisco NorCal Martin Luther King Day march. Due to the success of the event, there was a call for a community-wide professional resource group that could better support all of the individual and corporate efforts to drive diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. In August 2017, Our Collective was founded by Black and LatinX tech professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area and is powered by the Kapor Center for Social Impact.

Since its launch, Our Collective has contributed to the successful partnership of numerous cross-company efforts. One programmatic initiative is the esteemed Black History Month collaboration led by the Coalition of Black Excellence (CBE), Founded by Angela Johnson of Uber Technologies Inc. in 2017, CBE Week has proven itself to be a force of Black progress. There has also been a rise in corporate participation among partner ERGs. In 2018, Salesforce’s Black ERG BOLDForce and its Office of Equality, helped to secure more than 1,100 of their employees and family members as MLK marchers, leading Our Collective to 11x growth of the program and helping to secure more than 23 tech companies, 30 executives, 2,200 registered marchers in just one year. Finally, in November 2018, the Kapor Center supported the launch of the LatinX in Tech Summit, bringing together more than 300 LatinX tech professionals, students and entrepreneurs to discuss opportunities, advocacy and emerging technology.

Our Collective’s early results reflect many of the talents and capabilities of the Black and LatinX communities, two of the least represented groups in the tech industry. Together, our partners help to uplift and empower each other across companies and industries to drive real impact in our companies and their influence on our local communities. Our Collective’s success will be achieved when Black and LatinX ERGs have unified and achieved true equality and equity in the workforce.

Our Collective is supported by The Kapor Center for Social Impact, a non-profit committed to making the tech ecosystem and entrepreneurship more diverse, inclusive, and impactful.