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Visit Reskill America: The Great Rehiring Initiative!

Laptop Donation Initiative

Help us get laptops to underrepresented talent looking to upskill their way into tech!

Reskill America: The Great Rehiring Initiative helps Black talent and others from underrepresented backgrounds upskill to transition into tech by providing them with laptops for bootcamps. As members of Our Collective, we can join forces to make a cross-company effort to support this important and impactful initiative that will help diversify the tech industry. The Kapor Center, a 501(c)(3) charity, serves as the fiscal sponsor for this important initiative.

Here’s what you can do right now…

Employee Resource Group (ERG) and Department Contributions

Ask your ERG leaders and department heads if they are willing to support this initiative. Even if their budgets are small, there’s likely some wiggle room to help. For example, the Kapor Center is a non-profit organization, but we’ve been able to reallocate funds from the Tech Workplace Initiatives budget to contribute $1,000. This is equivalent to 2 donated laptops– 1 on behalf of Our Collective and one on behalf of Diversity Advocates!  

Corporate Contributions

Ask your corporate giving arm to make a more substantial contribution on behalf of your organization. For example, the Kapor Center (again, a non-profit) has donated $10,000 to support the initiative! 

Laptop Donations

Invite your company to donate laptops that are no longer in rotation to this initiative!  

Take Action!

For more information, click here.   

If you’re ready to make a contribution, click here.  

If you’ve made a contribution, please let me know so I can track the engagement of Diversity Advocates and Our Collective members by completing this form

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