Getting Started with Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

This section contains resources to support those in the early phase of planning an ERG. You’ll find information about:

ERG Mission, Vision, and Structure

Emerging Leaders: Structure Your Business Plan That Measures Your ERG’s Effectiveness
Deck | National & Affinity Leadership Group/Diversity Best Practices
Addresses ERG evolution and how to measure your ERG plan so it aligns with business goals.

ERG Playbook
Flipbook | MarketSource
Principles that help ERGs flourish and expand while keeping sight of the ultimate goal and purpose of their existence.  

Guidance for Developing Effective Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
Webpage | NASA
NASA’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Implementation Plan that provides supervisors, managers, project, leads, and other employees with general information on establishing and sustaining effective ERGs. 

How to Create and Sustain Thriving Employee Resource Groups
Video | At The Culture Conference | 2018
Daniel Guillory, Head of Global Diversity & Inclusion at Autodesk + Maria Cuba, Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager at Airbnb + Molly Q. Ford, Director of Global Equality Programs at Salesforce + Valerie Williams, Inclusion & Diversity Lead at Stripe present How to Create and Sustain Thriving Employee Resource Groups.

The Power and Purpose of Employee Resource Groups
Webpage | Catalyst 
Key takeaways from Catalyst’s ERLI conference series on employee resource groups (ERGs).

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Finding and Maintaining Budget

5 Step Guide to Budget Development – Resources for Nonprofit Financial Management
Video | Wallace Foundation | March 9, 2015
Describes a team-based approach to budget development, including goals, personnel, and process.  

Budgeting for Nonprofits
Webpage | National Council of Nonprofits
Addresses engaging board and staff throughout financial management, including timely review of financial reports and advancing planning. 

Hispanic Heritage Month Budget Proposal
Google Doc | Unidos Lyft | 2018
Sample proposal for a month for an ERG event at Unidos Lyft. 

Project Budget Management: How to Keep Your Clients Happy
Webpage | Shopify Partners | April 16, 2019
Offers insight on tracking a budget throughout a project’s process. 

Uplyft Unidos Affinity Month Planning & Budget Sheet
Google Sheet | Annelise Hagar Preciado
Example of a budget.

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Gaining and Maximizing Executive Sponsorship

Coaches, Mentors, and Sponsors Catalyst Infographic: Understanding the Differences
Document | Catalyst 
Explains the difference between coaches, mentors, and sponsors.  

How to be a Dynamic Sponsor
Video | Diversity Inc. | April 27, 2019
Addresses how to be a dynamic sponsor. 

How to Earn Sponsorship and Drive the Relationship
Webinar | Diversity, Inc | January 27, 2019
Addresses the importance of a sponsor and gives advice on how to earn sponsorship and build a successful relationship.

Executive Sponsors Fuel High-Performing ERGs
Webinar | Forum on Workplace Inclusion | September 21, 2018
Addresses how leadership can help leverage the executive sponsor role as a powerful catalyst to accelerate ERG maturation and business alignment. 

The Podcast Episode 10: Stand Up, Speak Out: Empowering CEO and Corporate Activism 
Podcast | The Forum on Workplace Inclusion | March 16, 2019
Addresses CEO and corporate activism and the tough questions that corporate activism raises.  

The Powerful Link Between the C-Suite and ERGs
Webpage | D&I in Practice | February 8, 2019
Outlines how C-Suite and ERGs can work together. 

Sponsorship…Making A Game-Changing Move – Part 1 of 2
Webpage | Diversity and Inclusion Television | January 5, 2016
Explains sponsorship and people of color and engaging colleagues to sponsor individuals who are different from them. 

Sponsorship…Making A Game-Changing Move – Part 2 of 2
Webpage | Diversity and Inclusion Television | February 9, 2016
Explains how to put your mindset in motion and create a sponsor action plan. 

Three Things Every Good D&I Executive Sponsor Must Do
Webpage | Crescendo | February 28, 2019
Offers guidance for those asked to serve as an executive sponsor. 

Responsibility of the Sponsor
Video | Diversity Inc. | April 27, 2019
Addresses what makes sponsees attractive to sponsors. 

The Sponsor Dividend
Document | Center for Talent Innovation | 2019
Findings from this study show how employers can help sponsorship flourish, and maps a maturity curve of corporate sponsorship programs from the initial stages to the ultimate embedding of sponsorship into corporate culture.  

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