Engaging External Stakeholders

This section contains resources to support those engaging external stakeholders. You’ll find information about:

Meaningful & Systemic Community Outreach

Using Employee Resource Groups to Maximize Volunteer Impact
Webpage | Your Cause |  March 30, 2016
Shares insights about engaging employees in the workplace.

Tipping the scale — unconscious barriers to community engagement
Video | TEDxChemungRiver |  December 11, 2014
Discusses four unconscious barriers preventing people from volunteering.

The Wonders of Building a Community From Scratch
Webpage | CMX
Discusses five daily activities they focus on as they build community around their blog.

How Community Media Can Use Podcasts to Improve Community Engagement
Webpage | Business2community |  January 9, 2018
Tips to help you add podcasting to your outreach and engagement strategy.

The Secret to Community Engagement – CMX Summit West 2016
Video | CMX |  November 29, 2016
Caty Kobe of Square shares insights on successful community engagement.

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Supporting Diverse Recruiting

#HRHappyHour 352 – Improving Diversity Recruiting in Technology
Podcast | HR Happy Hour | January 3, 2019
Discusses their approach to recruiting a more diverse set of candidates.

LinkedIn Says These 4 Tactics Will Help Attract Diverse Talent
Webpage | Inc. |  January 18, 2019
Discusses four tactics organizations are using to show candidates that they value diversity.

More Than A “Club:” How To Make Employee Resource Groups Matter
Webpage | Jopwell |  September 12, 2017
Sonja Gittens-Ottley shares their process for creating and evaluating ERGs.

How to get serious about diversity and inclusion in the workplace
Video | TED | September 13, 2018
Shares an action plan for creating workplaces where people feel safe and expected to be their unassimilated, authentic selves.

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ERG Impact on the Community

6 Employee Resource Group Performance Measures
Webpage | IC4P | April 12, 2017
Presents six performance metrics that can be used to ensure your ERG is aligned with business needs.

Community-Driven Innovation with Collective Impact 
Video | TEDx | June 15, 2015
Discusses the idea of collective impact and more.

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Securing Sponsorship

How Nonprofits Can Attract, Cultivate, and Wow Corporate Sponsors
Video | Bloomberg | May 17, 2018
Joanna Hogan discusses corporate sponsors and gives tips on how to cultivate them.

Approaching Sponsors
Webpage | TED
Provides tips on approaching sponsors through the context of a TEDx Event.

Executive Sponsors Fuel High-Performing ERGs
Deck | Jennifer Brown Consulting
Slide deck summary of a webinar on the topic of leveraging Executive Sponsors.

Examples of Executive Sponsor Job Descriptions
Deck | Diversity Best Practices
Describes the Executive Sponsor role, responsibilities, and requirements.

Executive Sponsors Fuel High-Performing ERGs
Deck | Jennifer Brown Consulting
Explores the effectiveness of an Executive Sponsors and more

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