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Intergenerational Gathering

8 Tips For Recruiting Mature Workers
Video | SHRM | October 2, 2017
Learn 8 tips for recruiting mature workers.

Disrupting Aging in The Workplace
Document | AARP
Learn practices for moving beyond limiting beliefs about aging in the workplace.

The Future of Work Podcast: Millennials in the Workplace
Podcast | Jacob Morgan  
Learn more about how this podcast provides insight into how much of an impact millennials have in the workplace.

How to Design Right Employee Resource Group for Every Generation
Document | Alex Shubat | November 13, 2018
Learn about how Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have become instrumental ion having a healthy workplace culture.

How to Engage Your Multigenerational Workforce through Learning and Development
Webpage | Sushman Biswas | October 31, 2018
Learn how organizations can leverage learning and development initiatives.

How to Prepare Your Workplace for Generation Z
Webpage | Kenneth Matos
How to prepare your workplace for the new generation.

Transcending Generational Differences in The Workplace
Video |  eCornell | February 26, 2015
Learn how to bridge the gaps among employees and help them avoid conflict.

Wisdom at Work: The Making of a Modern Elder
Book | Chip Conley | September 18, 2018
Learn more about the book, Wisdom at Work and how it ignites a conversation about ageism in the workplace.

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Rainbow Pride

The Mask of Masculinity
Video | Wade Davi |  April 19, 2016
Learn about a story of growing up gay in the world of football and urges us to reconsider our definitions of “masculinity.”

Perspectives on LGBT Workplace Equality in Canada
Webinar | Out & qual Workplace Advocates | July 14, 2017
A panel of Canadian experts who discuss leading-edge initiatives to engage and support LGBQ+ and ally employees. 

Responding to Negative Reactions to LGBTQ Inclusion
Webpage | Human Rights Campaign  
Learn how to handle negative responses in a consistent and thorough manner, 

This Is What LGBT Life Is Like Around The World
Video | Jenni Chag and Lisa Dazols | Dec 4, 2015
Learn about what life is like for people still lacking basic rights all over the world. 

Workplace Trans Inclusion: Recommended Policies & Practices Webpage | Human Rights Campaign
Learn more about transgender inclusion in the workplace.   

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Women Together

Building Impact Across Women’s ERG’s 
Webinar | Catalyst  
Strategies from innovators in leading organizations on how they are building their ERGs and encouraging each to work together to increase their impact across the organization.   

Change the Face of Leadership  
Webinar | IMPACT Group  
Discover 5 actions you can take now to increase women in leadership and address gender balance in your upper ranks.   

Do your Diversity Efforts Reflect the Experiences of Women of Color? 
Webpage | RuchikaTulshyan | July 1st, 2019 
How companies can take an intersectional approach to inclusion.   

Structure and Check for Pay Equity Guide 
Webpage | re: Work 
Learn steps you can take to create a more equitable workplace.   

The Female Millennial: A New Era of Talent 
Webpage | PWC
Find how to attract, engage, develop and retain the female millennial in this report.   

What is Gender Mainstreaming
Webpage | EIGE 
Learn about why gender mainstreaming does not only aim to avoid the creating of inequalities.   

Women at Work 
Podcast | Amy Bernstein, Amy Gallo, and Nicole Torres |  
HBR editors and guest experts untangle some of the issues around being a woman at work.   

Women in Tech- How to Build an “And” Culture and Thrive 
Video | Amy Marrich and Elaine Marino | August 10, 2018 
Learn what individuals can do to thrive in their careers when they are “the only and the lonely.”      

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Intersectional ERG members

At the Intersection: A Conversation with Wade Davis 
Webpage| Diversity Best Practices | April 2, 2019 
Learn from a thought leader about how intersectionality plays out in the workplace and ways to ensure that it doesn’t become an “excuse to do nothing”.    

Building Intersectionality Into Your Hiring Strategy 
Webpage | Edgardo Perez   
Learn some tips to help your company hire the most underrepresented talent.

Intersectionality, Discrimination, & Employee Resource Groups 
Podcast | Resource Groups Company  
Understand the importance of intersectionality and what this for individuals working towards a more inclusive workplace.   

Intersectionality at Work 
Video | Accenture | March 5th, 2019 
Learn how D&I leaders can work to foster a better sense of belonging in the workplace.   

Leveraging Intersectionality: 5 Ways to Drive ERG Participation  Document | Whirlpool Corporation  
Learn more about employee resource group strategy Whirlpool applied to leverage intersectionality.    

Measuring Inclusion and Intersectionality in your Onboarding Experience 
Webpage | Sapling 
Learn how to embed inclusion into the onboarding experience, and see the impact it can have on employees at different intersections of identity.   

What is Intersectionality, and Should Your Workplace Practice It?  Webpage | GoodCall  
Learn about how intersectionality seeks to correct come of the common mistakes of workplace diversity programs.        

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Latinx Amigos

Bank Of America’s Hispanic ERG, HOLA, Named the Nation’s Best by USHCC 
Webpage | Hispanic Executive | November 6, 2014 
Learn about the ERG of Bank of America.   

DentaQuest Hispanic ERG Presents Success Stories 
Video | DentaQuest | October 22, 2018 
Learn about DentaQues’s Hispanic ERG “Adelante” success stories.   

Five Ways to Hire and Retain Hispanic Talent 
Webpage | Empowering Partners | Feb 28, 2018 
Learn about the core values Hispanics hold dearly like family, a celebration of culture and self-improvement.   

House We Have a Podcast: The Next Generation of Spaceflight Leaders  
Webpage | NASA TV | March 1, 2019 
Learn about some of the challenges in leadership and how successful leaders who will be the ones to put boots on our nearest celestial neighbors.   

The Explainer: Managing Multicultural Teams 
Video | Harvard Business Review | June 12, 2017 
Overcome the challenges and get everyone working together.   

The Latino Executive Manifest 
Webpage | Diversity Best Practices | March 13, 2018 
Latinx people are nearly invisible at the leadership levels in corporate America, there is no excuse for this when Latinx people represent 17 percent of the population.      

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Accessibility for All

4 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Disability-Inclusion Practices 
Webpage | Harvard Business Review| June 4, 2019 
Learn about how to change the process that supports unconscious bias when hiring people with disabilities.   

Disability Inclusion Across the Employment Process 
Video | Cornell | November 2, 2016 
Learn more about workplace policies that maximize disability inclusion. 

Disability Inclusion Tips 
Webpage | HR Portal | April 1, 2019 
Learn more about ways to behave in ways that are more disability-inclusive. 

Inclusion, Belonging and the Disability Revolution 
Video | Tedx | March 16, 2014 
Learn more about the broader changes happening in the world for people who live with a disability.   

Microsoft disAbility Scholarship 
Webpage | Microsoft   
Learn about how Microsoft is maximizing the contribution of every individual.   

National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference & Expo 
Event | 
An event for anyone involved in workers’ compensation and disability management.   

Starting a Disability Employee Resource Group (ERG) 
Webpage | Medium| June 20, 2019 
Learn some of the steps to take, to build or to relaunch a disAbility ERG,   

Workplace Accessibility and Inclusion 
Podcast | PEAT   
Learn about the findings at Accenture from their recent study “Amplify Accessibility” and the hows and whys of implementing the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).      

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Black in Tech

6 Popular Beliefs about Race and the Empirical Contrary Every Leader Should Know 
Web Page | Racial Equitecture | November 4, 2015 
Learn more about 6 beliefs and how these understandings would likely reform your approach.   

Best Practices on Moving Women of Color Into the Senior Leadership Roles 
Webpage | DiversityInc  
Explore how DiversityInc is actively trying to advance women of color.   

Big Tech’s Newest Experiment in Criminal- Justice Reform 
Webpage | The Atlantic | August 29, 2018 
Learn more about an apprenticeship program being offered by Slack for formerly incarcerated people.   

Deconstructing Race: Analyzing Inequities in a Racial Society 
Video | Talks with Google | December 7, 2016 
Google’s Decoding Race is a series of conversations featuring external luminaries as it addresses some of the most pressing racial issues.   

How White People Handle Diversity Training in The Workplace 
Webpage | Robin DiAngelo | June 27, 2018 
Learn more about how often employees may shut down dialogue or frame themselves as victims.   

Michelle Obama, Racial Climates, & 10 Signs An Org Has A Toxic One 
Webpage | Dr. Myosha McAfee   
10 indicators to see if your organization may have a toxic racial climate.   

Proven Strategies for Addressing Unconscious Bias in the Workplace 
Document | Diversity Best Practices | August 2008 
An effective tool to test one’s own unconscious biases.   

Starbuck Stories: A Conversation about Race, Bias, and Creating a Welcoming Environment at Work Guidebook 
Webpage |Starbucks | May 30, 2018  
Learn more about a conversation and learning session on racial bias and creating an environment that is welcoming to all.   

The Intersectionality Wars  
Webpage | Kimberlé Crenshaw | May 28, 2019 
Learn about Kimberlé Crenshaw’s work, and how she’s attempting to demolish racial hierarchies altogether.   

The Opportunity Agenda 
Video | The Opportunity Agenda | September 15, 2016 
Learn a few tip son talking about race, racism, and bias.      

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