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Paid Airbnb Connect Software Engineering Apprenticeship

Kapor Center‘s Pathways to Tech Initiative is excited to announce our partner Airbnb’s Connect Software Engineering Apprenticeship.

DESCRIPTION:  Connect is a paid 6-month apprenticeship program at Airbnb that provides a pathway to entry-level software engineering roles for individuals with nontraditional technical backgrounds.

In the beginning you’ll learn from Airbnb’s Technical Engineering Instructor about the ins and outs of coding at Airbnb in a workshop environment. You’ll start to do some practical work before you eventually start coding with teams.

At the end of the apprenticeship, there’s potential to convert to a permanent, entry-level software engineering role making a real impact on Airbnb’s product.

Airbnb uses technology to create human connection all around the world. Their engineering teams see big challenges as opportunities to craft beautiful and scalable solutions that inspire technical innovation both in the company and across the tech and travel industries as a whole. 

DURATION: 6 months starting in late April 2023. Full time, paid with benefits



Basic Qualifications:

-Ages 18+

-You do not have a 4-year college Computer Science degree

-You learned to code through online courses, community college classes, or a coding bootcamp

-You have no prior (or less than one year of) professional software engineering experience

Technical Qualifications (all three are required!)

(1) Write basic functions: and implement control flow in a programming language of your choice (e.g., if statements, for/while loops)

(2) Understand the basics of at least one framework (e.g., React, Rails, Express)

(3) Can convert a problem to code and explain your approach

Non-technical Qualifications:

Aligned with key Airbnb themes: embracing adventure, being caring & open, being a serial entrepreneur

Demonstrate a growth mindset, self motivation, strong communication, and willingness to ask for help / accept feedback


Applications will be open from February 13, 2023 (9am PST) to February 21, 2023 (9am PST).

    • You will need to upload your resume, a series of short essay questions, and share a coding sample.

    • Those who advance will be invited to interview. You will be evaluated on your ability to effectively talk about technical concepts, complete an onsite coding challenge in the programming language of your choice. More information about interview requirements will be provided by Airbnb at this stage.

    • Onsite interview days are tentatively scheduled for March 8-21, 2023.

    • Successful applicants from the onsite will be selected to join the apprenticeship program which starts April 24, 2023.


Get referred through Kapor Center’s Pathways to Tech Initiative: We’re a referral partner into the program. To empower us to vouch for you, please follow the instructions below if you are from an underrepresented racial group in tech: those from African-American/black, Latinx, American Indian/Native American, Pacific Islander, Southeast and Central Asian backgrounds or  mixed race with a parent from one of the above groups.

    • Let us know you are committed to applying through the Kapor Center by filling out this form by February 12 (midnight PST). We’ll send you a slide deck with application tips for this specific program.

    • Complete the Airbnb application by February 21 (9am PST). Opens February 13 (9am PST).
        • List “Kapor Center Pathways to Tech” under “Are you affiliated with one of our partners?” in the Airbnb application.

***For individuals not from an underrepresented racial group in tech, please apply directly through Airbnb’s website without referencing affiliation with our program.


Check out Airbnb’s Medium series on the Connect Apprenticeship:

    1. Inside Connect: Airbnb’s Engineering Apprenticeship Program

    1. Inside Connect: An Apprentice Perspective

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